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Fez to Chefchaouen day trip

excursion chefchaouen tour from fes

From : Fez to Chefchaouen ( The Blue City )

- Pick up at 9:00 am
This northern expedition will take us to one of the greatest Rif Mountains, where our visiting city Chefchaouen is located and which homely named the blue city,A locality which is known by its attractiveness and away from the biggest touristic centers.

Chefchaouen is called the blue city of the Rif towns .

excursion chefchaouen day trip from fez It’s called so because its walls are a medley of blue and white colour,The town which has always been a favorite destination for visitors was established in 1741.

Back in 1920, the Spanish considered Chefchaouen as a part of Spanish Morocco ,Its people usually wear all types of local hand-made woolen habits ,Also the great variety of woven blankets marks the handicraft industry ,For your pleasure, we will have a whole day hiking over the town and an extensive trip through the Rif Mountains as well.
We will start our outing by visiting the Kasabah museum in the heart of the medina ,The kasbah is a reinstated walled castle that now contains an amazing garden , a small Ethnographic Museum with some appealing sights of old Chefchaouen,including the plaza and the kasbah .

The gallery provides Chefchaouen’s local artists with an opportunity to display their performances.
Chefchaouen can be explored with or without a guide.
Once completing your visit, we will drive back to Fez and drop you off at your accommodations.

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Fez to Volubilis day trip

excursion volubilis and meknes day tour from fez

From : Fez to Fez
( Fez - Volubilis - Moulay Driss Zerhoun - Meknes - Fez )

- Pick up at 9:00 am
Visit to Volubilis (Roman ruins) which is an antique Roman city located on the banks of river Khoumane, followed by passage in the city of Moulay Idriss, depart for the city of Meknes, visit the imperial palace, the Bab Mansour, door that allows to visit the medina of Meknes, and the mausoleum of Moulay Ismail then back to Fez.

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visit Fez ( Day in Fez )

visit fez,day in fez

- Pick up as you wish
If the new city, built under the protectorate by the French unattractive , both old vile, Fes el-Bali (old Fez) founded in the late seventh century by Idriss tow, and Fes El-Jadid (Fez new) founded by the Marinids five centuries later, however, are unforgettable.
The old medina is rich in heritage , Ramparts, castles, mosques, streets miles fragrances and souks that exist nowhere else.
Around the vile We advance through the legendary gates of Bab El Guissa north, Bab Ftouh east on Highway Taza, which leads also to the thermal baths of Sidi Harazem and Bab Jdid, the nearest entrance to access the souks, Visit the tombs Merinid of Fez, Bab Boujloud, the Karaouine mosque.

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visit fez,day in fez

Fez to Middle Atlas day trip

middle atlas day tour from fez

From : Fez to The Middle Atlas

- Pick up at 9:00 am
The following expedition we will take us for a discovery of the most astonishing sites of the middle Atlas which will certainly provoke your keenness to find out the region’s mystery.

***** Fez to Ifrane

The trip is going to be throughout the Sais prairie, which is one of the most extensive plain in the country. Onward we will encounter the starting of the declivity of middle Atlas mountains. our first stop by following these mountainous sequence is Imouzzer town, which is famous for its Apple Festival in September.
The lakes characterized the region . They were formed due to some volcanic activities happened in the past. After we will run to Ifrane, the “Switzerland of Morocco” throughout the Oak forest.
Thanks to its acclivity, the altitude of this town makes her snowy over the winter season. The National Park is distinguished by the persistence of a huge number of apes living around cedar trees that cover the whole area.

***** From Ifrane to Azrou

One of the most miraculous cities in the Middle Atlas In terminology the word ‘Azrou’ means rock in Tamazight and in the midst of the town next to the new mosque is the nominative rock.
Azrou has a particular unstressed climate for hikers in the large cedar wooded areas.. Its market is famous for abundant handcrafted items. Back to Fez.

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Fez to Rabat day trip

excursion rabat tour from fez

From : Fez to Rabat ( The capital of Morocco )

- Pick up at 9:00 am
We will start off this trip from Fez to Rabat ( the capital of Morocco), a city gathered both of contemporary and memorable characteristics.It is located on the Atlantic Ocean coastline, at Bou Regreg passage river.
Throughout today’s round trip in Rabat, we will explore not only the history of the city towers and castles but also the updated urban projects being constructed in Africa in the last century.
All of Hassan Mosque, the Almohad gates and bulwark distinguish the outdated area of Rabat-The only everlasting part of the project for a great capital city of Almohad .
The guide will escort you in a circuit through the charming Almohads walls of the Oudayas Kasbah. you will also explore Bab Oudaïa, a majestic gate and a witness of Almohad martial architecture. The next station will be the Udayas museum. Once you have your lunch, carry on walking to HassanTower, an outstanding commemorative and tourist complex in Rabat.
It is partially built because its founder died before being fully constructed. Now we move to Chella, a Necropolis and antique site. From there to the Majestic Royal Palace, visitors can discover the terrific Islamic architecture.
The guests are permitted to visit Al Mechoaur, the locality where the king led the religious feast prayers and enjoy the amazing grassy gardens by its surrounding.
As soon as we finish such joyful day, the driver will comfortably take you back to Fez.

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Fez to Taza day trip

excursion taza friouato from fez

From : Fez to Taza ( Gorges of Friouato )

- Pick up at 9:00 am
With multiple caves, cavities and groundwater sources that it houses, Morocco has emerged as a preferred destination in the region of Africa and indeed the world, adventurers and enthusiasts voyages of exploration depths the earth.
Much of this type of tourists sets its sights on the province of Taza, made famous by the 125 Underground cavities it houses which undoubtedly remains the most popular Friouato cave, a true wonder of nature that has not stopped seduce cavers worldwide.
The Abyss of Freouato sink to 180m deep. A staircase descends to a real underground palace.
You can take an expert guide that will take you and inform you at the end of exploring the natural beauty of the most spectacular rooms, and will also inform you about the different ratchets, dirty and galleries seem haunted with strange figures.
After the charms of history, natural beauties, the region of Taza is magnificent.
Forest of cork oaks, cedars, tall ferns, redheads, waterfalls and lakes, the Jebel tazzekka is so enchanting that it was dedicated national park.
The ascent of the summit (1980 m) is nicely rewarded with stunning views over the wooded hills of Tazzekka and snowy peaks of the Middle Atlas. Towards the end of the day, back to Fez.

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Fez to Sidi Harazem day trip

excursion Sidi harazem water source day tour from fez

From : Fez to Fez ( Water Source )

- Pick up at 9:00 am
The virtues of this hot water spring rich in magnesium were already known in the time of Léon the African, Arab geographer in the XVIth century.
Nowadays, the benefits of these curative waters may be enjoyed in the comfort of modern spa facilities, giving you the opportunity of visiting the nearby white Koubba of Sidi Harazem.

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Fez to Moulay Yacoub day trip

excursion moulay yacoub hot springs day tour from Fez

From : Fez to Fez ( Hot Springs )

- Pick up at 9:00 am
Visite the hot springs of Moulay Yacoub. The springs of Moulay Yacoub are know for their healing powers.
Located in a small, Berber village at the foothills of the Rif mountains Moulay Yacoub is a relaxing Spa excursion.

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